Websites can be a great way to encourage kids to be creative, to write, to learn, etc.
Families Near and Far was created with military families in mind, which is only one reason why I love it.  However, military families are not the only families that live far apart!  For example, in my immediate family (including in-laws... and keeping in mind that we are the only ones in the military), we cover Rhode Island, Georgia, Tennessee, Colorado, and New Mexico.  That doesn't include our cousins in South Carolina, Florida, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Mississippi.  This site can be a great way to get family members far away to stay connected!

On Families Near and Far, you can create a family page and each child can create his/her own page.  Therefore, you can have them share what is going on with them and every other family member can see it.  You can: post pictures, create art, make music, write a letter, post a comment, send pictures/art/music, etc.  There are activities for pre-school kids, older kids, and information for parents!  Check it out!

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