Does your child have a hard time defining what something is?  Does he/she have trouble remembering definitions because they are wordy?  I've got a good simple formula to help!

A lot of times kids know what a table is (they could point it out in a room), but if someone asked them, "what is a table?" they would respond with something like "it's a table."  How do you put that into words?  Simple!  This is a good beginning step with describing because you only need to remember a few pieces of information.  Later on you could really stretch this exercise into describing with multiple attributes.  You need to know three pieces of information to define just about anything:
  1. The name of the item (A chair is)
  2. The group it belongs (a piece of furniture)
  3. It's function/use or something unique about it (that you sit on)

Let's try some others:
  • What is a dog?  A dog ... is an animal ... that barks
  • What is a car?  A car ... is a vehicle ... that you drive on the street.
  • What is a house?  A house ... is a building ... that you live in.

Use this worksheet for practice:  /uploads/7/6/7/8/7678644/definitions.pdfweeblylink_new_window

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