Colors are something that kids typically learn during their fourth year of life (age 3-4).  The benchmark is for a child to be able to name one color by age 3 and all colors by age 4.  How can you help this learning process?  One idea is to have a color day (or a color week if you think your little one needs extended time on one color).  

Post the color of the day by putting that colored sheet of construction paper on your child's door.  For instance, let's choose orange.  Let your child/children know that its "orange day."  Have them find something to wear that is orange or find orange in an outfit you've already picked out.  Have your kids find things that have orange in them in your house or while you are running errands.  While you are eating try to eat things that are orange (orange juice, oranges, peaches, carrots, orange popsicles, etc).  Have them color orange pictures, finger paint in orange, take out the orange sidewalk chalk, etc.  The next day may be blue day or green day or brown day!  Let them choose the color or vote on a color (if there is more than one).  If you have an older child, have them tally how many things are found with that color for the day and graph it over the course of a week (a skill that a 3rd or 4th grader should be able to accomplish).  Make it fun so they don't realize that you are actually teaching them colors.  :o)

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