Ok... so it's not technically a folder game, but this one is too good not to share.  This comes from another great speech therapy friend, Conni Wambold.  She and I worked together in the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System and she introduced me to the wonderful world of "choose games."  They are simple and easy and the kids LOVE them.  While working with Conni, we did themed therapy.  Therefore, my choose game has a "theme".  However, it can take on the theme of a holiday that's close by, a favorite character or show, etc.

With a choose game, you have a character and pieces you must collect.  For my example, it's a camper/hiker (character), sleeping bag, campfire, boots, tent, and backpack.  Simply print out the pictures onto several different colors of paper (you choose as many or as few as you need).  Then, cut out the characters and mount them on a solid piece of paper (preferably not the color that the hiker is printed on.  I often used black).  Cut out the items the kids will have to collect and mount those on black construction paper (so they can't see through the construction paper).  Laminate all the pieces for durability.  

Directions for the game:  Each child gets to choose one color hiker.  All other pieces are placed face down in a pile.  The kids will do some work (whatever he/she is working on) and then get to choose from the choose pile.  If he/she got an item the hiker needed in his/her color, then the child gets to keep it and the play continues to the other kids or yourself.  If an item is chosen that does NOT match his/her color, then it must be placed back in the pile face down.  The first person to collect all five items the hiker needs wins!

This game can be used with any deficit area since the child works on whatever goals he/she has and then gets to take a turn.  It's great for kids who work on pragmatics to simply practice good social skills while playing the game (notifying someone when it's their turn, waiting for his/her turn, learning to lose, etc).

Click here to print the PDF version.

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