Not sure what to get someone for their birthday?  Especially a child?  Wish your child got less toys (that just clutter up your house) for his/her birthday?  Why not "register" for what YOU want your child to receive?  My brother-in-law's birthday is coming up and I had no idea what to give him.  My sister-in-law cleverly sent out a list (with links) of what my brother-in-law needed/wanted.  That's brilliant!  It made me start to think... what if we registered or created wish lists for our children's birthdays/Christmas?  I recently attended a friend's son's birthday party.  He was so excited with each of his presents, but all I could see was the amount of toys piling up!  That same mother said to me today, "I love it when people give us books as presents."  Hmmm... again the wheels started spinning. has a way to create a "wish list".  What if you went online and found the things you wanted your child to receive (educational games, books, movies, etc) and emailed it out to family?  That may reduce the number of dolls and cars that fill up the toy box and instead fill the book shelves with things you want to introduce your children to.  Another great idea is to get onto a website like Usborne Books (great educational and FUN books), find what you want, and send out the links so people can click and purchase.  You may also want to ask for a subscription to a children's magazine (the gift that keeps on giving monthly).  Super Duper Inc and Linguisystems have great books and games that work on your child's speech goals.  The possibilities are endless.

This will save you money (because you aren't buying those books, etc that you want your child to have) and others will feel good that they are giving your child something that he/she wants/needs.  It's a win-win!

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