Bath time can be such a great time for learning and fun!  Just think about all the different toys that can be placed in the bath-tub and all the language that can surround those toys (boats, balls, waterproof books, water animals, etc).  Well, here is one "toy" that you can make yourself that won't break the bank!!

All you need is some craft foam and scissors!  I found craft foam at the dollar store for... well... $1!!  Simply cut out the shapes, numbers, or letters that you would like and sprinkle them in the bath tub.  With a little water, they will stick to the side of the tub for hours of fun!

These little shapes can provide big language learning opportunities.  You can cut out shapes and teach your child about shapes.  Shapes can also build things (a square and a triangle can make a house).  You can use just one color and teach that one color or naming an attribute and a color (blue star, blue square, etc).  You can build an entire scene and talk about what your child sees (tree, sun, cloud, waves, fish, etc).  You can put them up and ask for a specific item, which works for kids working on listening comprehension skills.  The possibilities are endless.  If you have any questions about how you can tailor this activity to your child's specific needs, feel free to send me an email through my contact page or find me on facebook (there is a link on the home page) and send me a message!

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