Continuing with our "snowflake"/winter theme this week, I found an app that combines winter fun and learning.  It's called "Winter Word Puzzle for kids".  It's available on the ipad and iphone.  I'm not sure about any android products.  The first 4 puzzles are free and then you can buy others as an "in app purchase".  For me, I see this app as a great way to change things up a bit.  You can do it a few times and then erase it - no need to keep it around long-term (unless you plan to purchase the additional puzzles).  Sometimes, it's just nice to have a different activity for a short time.

Each puzzle is some kind of winter scene (north pole with 3 animals, two kids having a snowball fight, a mom baking Christmas cookies, and a dragon outside of a castle with snow on the ground).  Open a scene and select one of the items by pressing the magnifying glass.  That will highlight that one object (i.e. a polar bear) and you will see the word written at the top.  However, some letters are missing!  There are letters on the left side of the screen that you can use to complete the word puzzle.  The easier level has the missing letters faded.  Therefore, you simply have to match the letters on the left with those that are faded at the top.  The harder level has the missing letters with no visual cue of the faded letter.  However, the empty block is the coordinating color of the letter on the left hand side.  

I'd say this game is great for kids who know their letters and are beginning readers or beginner spellers.  They also must have enough hand/eye coordination to touch a letter and drag it to the correct location.  Each letter block measures to be about a 1 cm square.  Therefore, the letters themselves are pretty small.  

Hope you enjoy this free game!  Tomorrow I'll blog about a great activity to do outside in the snow.  (although it's 60+ degrees at our house today... hopefully these activities can be useful to others in the northern half of the USA or tucked away in your mind for another time when you do have snow)

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