Does your child need to work on an adjective + noun combination?  Here is a great activity to try with him/her!  You will want to print out the PDF version as it is a much better format.  Sometimes the .docx doesn't really translate to a .jpg!  

You will want to cut out the adjectives (big, small, black, brown) and the nouns (cat, dog, shoe).  Turn them over and form two distinct piles.  Let your child pick an adjective and a noun.  Then have your child pick the correct picture!  You can make this activity easier by cutting out the pictures and only giving two options.  You could also make it harder by either leaving all of the pictures intact (more to choose from) or pick TWO adjectives and one noun.  If you use this variation, then you may need to hand-pick the adjectives.

Also note that there is not a brown cat.  I could not find a picture of a brown cat on the internet!!!

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