Well, I got behind with my blogging this week.  It was a crazy week for us around here.  However, I wanted to make sure to blog this game.  This week we were discovering some new and different ideas for Christmas presents.  Well, this isn't really a present, but kids love games, right?  This will get their little brains working on regular plurals!

Simply print out the BINGO boards and cards (on card stock preferably), collect up some items that could be used to cover up the spaces on the BINGO boards (pennies work great), cut out the cards, place them face down and have fun!  The first one to 5 in a row wins!!!

Because this game works on plurals, it would be a great game for someone working on final /s/ (articulation), listening comprehension (must listen to all letters in the word), or plurals!

Print boards from here or on the website

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